Double Ruched Tee

This has to be one of my top favorite shirt patterns. This is my 3rd Ruched tee and I wanted to try something different. The ruching is made to be worn in the back but also can be worn in the front ( I usually wear the ruching in the front). I Also love how the ruching accentuates the curve of the back when worn the “right way”.

So, why not have ruching in the front and back!

What I did

  • Cut 4 back pieces
  • Cut 2 neckbindings-Next time I’ll measure the neckline after I sew the shoulder seams together and cut the band a little shorter than the measurement. I would like it to be snug, so it doesn’t slip off the shoulders so easily.
  • Cut 2 ties

* NOTE – label the bodice pieces, left and right, front and back. *

It got a little confusing.

Sewing Together

  • Sewed the shoulder seams
  • Sewed on the sleeves and side seams.

* Now I have 2 pieces a left side and a right *

  • Sewed the neckbinding on both pieces

Taking the 2 front pieces right sides together and sewed them together with 1/2″ seam allowance, then did the same with the back pieces.

Then, I followed the given pattern directions for the hem, casing and ties.


I used a light weight burgundy double brushed polyester from Sincerely Rylee.

That’s it! I really liked how it turned out. I see a Summery one in my future.

<Link to my 1st Ruched Tee>

Until next time, Happy Creating!

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