Add a Cap Sleeve to Any Pattern!

Have you ever just wanted a different sleeve for a pattern? Yea…I’m sure we all have.

Short sleeves hit right at bust level on me, making me look wider and bustier. Usually, if I’m making a top or dress, I’ll go with a 3/4 (my fav) or long sleeve. With the weather heating up, I can’t resist a good T-shirt dress and I’m not about to be walking around with long sleeves either. I love the look of cap sleeves and they suit my body type better than the basic short sleeves. The Favorite Tee from Patterns for Patterns is the pattern I’m sewing up. It has 3 sleeve options but no cap sleeve, So I decided to draft one from the existing sleeve from the pattern. Come join me!

You will need a enough paper for the sleeve to be opened fully. Now fold the paper in half. Place the sleeve pattern on the fold. If there any markings, transfer them now. Cut the pattern out and open it.

Measure your desired length. Don’t forget to add the hem.

Square across. Cut off the excess.

Draw a line down the center of the sleeve.

Cut on the line to the top of the sleeve. Cut to, not through.

Now over lap by at least 1/2″. Lay the pattern on a new piece of paper and trace the sleeve.

Cut out and label your New Cap Sleeve!

Cut from fabric and sew as usual.

Cap sleeve on the Favorite Tee from Patterns for Pirates

Happy Creating!