Dresser Makeover

My daughter’s quickly outgrew their dresser that we brought a year ago and In fact, they needed 2 dressers instead of one. I really just wanted to buy 2 white matching sets and be done with it. After looking around I noticed that the quality and prices were not adding up. The quality was crappy for the price. My mother-in-law told me about Habitat Restore’s Black Friday Sale, and about an hour later, I was at the store in hopes of finding 2 similar well made dressers. And I indeed found 2!

The only thing was, they were not white. Now, I’m not afraid of a little hardwork and of course, I love DIYing! This would be my 3rd and 4th time painting furniture.

Once I got them home, I removed the drawer pulls and began to sand the dressers really well (I wanted that paint to stick!). These dressers were pretty dirty. I mixed some hot water and bleach, and then I got to cleaning out the drawers, wiping the dust for the sanding. Regardless, they were still going to get a good cleaning.

After cleaning and letting them dry for almost 24 hours, I started painting with Behr Ultra Scuff Defense Paint and Primer in white. I used cabinet rollers for the large surfaces and brushes for the nooks and cranies. It took 3 coates of paint to get good coverage. I did one coat a day. I probably could have painted 2 coates in a day because the paint did dry pretty quickly.

The drawer pulls were my favorite part. They give furniture that finishing touch, like jewelry, to an outfit. I originally was going to replace them; however, after looking around, they got kind of expensive. Then, I went with a basic pull but couldn’t find the right size. I got to thinking, why not just spray paint them? I let my daughter’s pick out the spray paint they wanted. My oldest choose silver, and my youngest choose glitter rose gold. I’m so glad I kept those pulls, I was so close to throwing them out.

The spray painting took 3 days to complete. I also did a coat a day here as well. After letting them dry for 24 hours. They were ready to be put back on the dressers 😁.

Look at them!

The dressers turned out beautifully! The girls were thrilled as well to have finally have their own dressers!

I paid $35 for each dresser. The paint was $45, spray paint was around $10 a can and I’m not sure about supplies because I already had most of it on hand. I would have spent well over $500 for 2 similar dressers. That is a huge savings!

This project was very rewarding and well worth the sweat. Will I do it again? Heck, yeah! But no time soon, if I can help it.

Until next time, Happy Creating!

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