***New Pattern Release *** It’s My Pattern!!!!!!

I have been working on this baby for a good 6 months now and I’m ready to share it with you amazingly talented sewist!

I decided to throw my hat in the ring and start my own pattern company for children and the curvy. This is my first pattern for sale and it’s the cutest funnest thing according to my girls. My little ladies had alot of input, because obviously that’s my target market on this one. So, without farther ado,


It’s a children’s dress with an adorable attached purse. I wanted to keep the silhouette and options fairly simple, with it being my first test. This pattern offers a high low tunic length and a knee length dress, as well as 2 sleeve options; banded sleeveless and because I love cold shoulders, a cold shoulder option.

The cold shoulder actually wasn’t apart of the original design, it was a cap short sleeve with a banded hem. I really wasn’t feeling the fit but I decided to take it to testing to see if it would look better on different bodies… it did not. I swapped it out for a gathered cold shoulder. I do hope to update this pattern with the original cap and maybe even other sleeve lengths in the future.

The attached purse is what really makes this pattern. Children love to have a place to put their little trinkets and why not have a place for that, that’s permanently attached to their clothes in a stylish way? My girls love carrying lip gloss, money and LOL dolls in them.

Some of the testers and myself even added buttons, snaps and velcro to close the purse. I added flower trim to the straps of one and replaced the straps with ribbon on 2 (btw…this cut down on time). I love how creative you can get with this!

Trim overlay on straps
Velcro and Button
Ribbon Straps/Velcro/Button

This pattern is great for enthusiastic beginners. The construction of the dress it’s self is basic, 4 seams, neck and sleeve bands and a simple hem. Now, if you’re going with the purse you have your interfacing and turning of certain pieces. The cold shoulder involves casing and elastic. Sewing the cold shoulder is a little intricate but is worth the try.

Use a knit fabric like; brushed polyester, 4 way stretch with good recovery for the best results. I have had success with light weight rib and another tester had good results with a t shirt jersey knit as well. *Note* always use a 4 way stretch knit with good recovery for the bands. For the purse your not just limited to knit, you can also use woven fabric!

Woven Cotton Purse

Now… if I can get those sleeves right. This baby can be worn year round!

The pattern is for sale now! Hop on over to Envision Sewing Patterns and grab it at it’s introductory price!

If you do sew up Rodeo don’t forget to share, tag Envision Sewing Patterns and use hashtags: #Envisionsewingpatterns #Rodeodress #pursedress

And of course, I want to give a big THANK YOU to ALL my wonderful testers! You all are amazing for helping me with testing out my first pattern! Thank you!

Here are a few who submitted beautiful pictures of the dresses they made with the pattern 😍

Happy Creating!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “***New Pattern Release *** It’s My Pattern!!!!!!

  1. Hi JaCaffa. I was able to download the pattern but am disappointed that it is not regular size. I have or do not know how to transfer it from the 8×11 paperboard size 7 or 12 for my grand daughters. The printing lines for different sizes are so fine I’m totally confused as to what to do with this. Is there anyway you can send me a regular size pattern or refund my money. I’m so sorry I can’t use it and it would be way to much trouble and extra cost to take it somewhere to have it increased or buy paper to try to redraw it! I love the pattern but can’t use it as is.

    Patricia Lee

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