Rodeo Fitted Tank Hack

I have a quick tutorial to share with you all! A while back I shared on Instagram and in the Facebook Group, my girls in a cold shoulder version of Rodeo with overalls. Just recently, my oldest daughter needed a simple tank for gymnastics, this was a perfect opportunity to document the steps of this hack.

Let’s get to it!

You will need the pattern printed and assembled.

First measure your child from inner shoulder to where you want the top hit on their body.

On the patterns front and back pieces measure from the inner shoulder point down to that desired measurement. Mark the seam allowance on the shoulder and add your hem allowance to the desired length.

Square Across

Measure straight down from the point on the pattern where the dress starts to flair out, to the new length.

Cut out the new shape.

Now, cut your fabric and sew.

There! All Done!

That was quick and painless!

A simple tank from a flared dress.

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Happy Creating!

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