Whoa! Look at that Skirt?… Pants??? McCalls M8223

One of McCalls latest pants patterns is absolutely Gorgeous! I couldn’t pass up buying it even though it needed 7 yards of fabric to complete the longest length 😳

When Mily Mae Fabrics recently stocked some vibrant solid linen, that was when without a doubt I knew these pants were going to happen.

McCall’s 8223 is a very wide leg palazzo style pant, with two length options. View A hit right about above my ankle. View B is floor length. I made view B and added 2″ to the length for my height.

There is a wedge piece on both front and back leg pieces, that gives you the option to add contrasting fabric.

The ease is very gracious. I cut a size extra large. My waist is 38″ and my hip is 44″. The measurements for the XL waist is 34″-37″ and 44″-46″ for the hip. I wasn’t sure if the waist was going to fit but figured I could take it out a little if it was too small. I tried the pants on before inserting the zipper and knew immediately that I was going to have to take it in, I took in 1 1/2″ on both sides. That’s alot of ease!

*Tip- When sewing the wedge pieces, follow the written instructions. Stop sewing outside of the dot. I wasn’t sure what the directions meant and followed the picture.

The illustration shows the sew line coming to a point. Sewing to a point created a pucker on the outside of the pants. You don’t want that.

I really do love these pants, however I will probably not make them again. They require a heck of alot of fabric. I love the drape and the fact that it looks like a maxi skirt. The flowiness of the design is beautiful! But it’s hard to get pass buying all that fabric for one garment that doesn’t even cover your entire body.

If you do decide to sew this pattern, baste the side seams and try it on to check the ease and fit.

Until Next Time, Happy Creating!

2 thoughts on “Whoa! Look at that Skirt?… Pants??? McCalls M8223

  1. Those pants look amazing! I was just looking at this pattern the other day since Im waiting some super wide leg pants for this summer! Thanks for sharing your insight about the ease and the pattern!

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