DIY 70’s Inspired Outfit

If I could go back to any decade it would be the 70’s. I love the music. Sorry, not sorry I love disco and most importantly the FASHION!

My mom graduated high school in the late 70’s. Looking at her old pictures and listening to her reminisce about her adventures as a young adult made me in awe of how carefree that whole era seemed to be.

Oh…Get this, I even had a 70’s themed 13th birthday party lol.

Growing up in the 90s and early 2000’s was great but it’s something about the 70’s that makes me envious of those who got to experience it firsthand.

When I started middle school in the late 90’s, bell bottoms came back in style for a very short period of time. And You guessed it, I had several pairs.
Flash Forward to a couple decades later to now, the BELLS are back!!! Yay!

This year, 3 very flared pants patterns caught my attention. George and Ginger Zappa, Black Label Pattern Co. That 70’s Fever Bell Bottoms and Made for Mermaids Bailey. I purchased Black Label Pattern Co. and Made for Mermaids patterns.

This spring I had all plans to make an off shoulder top paired with flared leggings, however the weather got warmer and it got pushed to the side to make cooler clothing.

The weather is finally cooling down here, so I had to get on it and make my bell bottoms!

Bailey (Pants) and Deanna (top) both from Made for Mermaids.

Oh, I really love these pants, they fit in all the right places. It’s a knit pant pattern similar to a legging.

There are 3 different options.

Slim Flare

Full Flare

Gathered Bell

There is also a matching youth, baby and doll pattern.

Mines are the slim flare in size indigo.


The Heathered Denim Ponte from Mily Mae Fabrics was the perfect choice for these pants. It had the right amount of weight and stretchiness.


The only thing I did differently was giving it a ½” hem instead of the 1”
Usually I have extra fabric in the front rise and just enough to cover the back, and yes, I’m putting my pants on right.
Also I have long legs and I often need to add length to pant patterns, here I did not need to.
Next Time:
I will slim down the bell. This is the slim flare and it was just a little difficult to walk in. I can’t imagine walking in the full flare.


Is a cute little off shoulder dolman sweater with oodles of options.

I made the short sleeved top length with the banded split hem.
I made a size green and no changes.
I like the fit but needed to size down in the hips (when will I learn). The top hem flips down inside and it bothered me that it wouldn’t lay flat but it was nothing crazy.
I used the Plum Lush Rib Knit also from Mily Mae Fabrics. It’s lightweight with lovely drape.

Next Time:

I will size down in the hips.

I’m very pleased with how my outfit turned out. Now I’m off to dream up some more period pieces!

Happy Creating!

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