Diy Aloe vera Conditioner


Lately I’ve been working more on the health of my hair and combating some issues I’ve been dealing with. As we all know our hair goes through many changes. This past year I have noticed breakage in the middle of my head. It has become very thick and coarse. It is almost impossible to comb, right before relaxer time. That area of my head has always been very thick since I was a child but never like this. Also my scalp in that area started to get pretty irritated and itchy.

Of course I did some research and settled on trying pure aloe vera.

I get mines at my local Giant for less than $2. This has helped alot with my dry and irritated scalp.

What you need

  • Aloe vera leaf
  • Blender
  • Oils of your choice (optional)
  • Tea tree oil (optional)
  • Strainer (optional)

First wash the leaf.

Cut the prickly sides, the top and bottom off. I had gotten a big one, so I also cut it in half.

Slide the knife right under the skin, taking it right off. Flip it over and cut the skin off of the other side. It’s slippery, so be careful!

Now, you’re left with the gel. You can also scrap the gel from the leaf with a spoon.

Cut it up into manageable chunks and throw it into the blender.

You can add your oils now or after you strain, if you care to strain. I don’t strain because I don’t have the patience. Yes, there are chunks of aloe left in my hair, it really doesn’t bother me.

This is about 1-2 washes, 3 heads (mines and my 2 daughter’s).

Next wash day, just for my hair I will be adding a couple of drops of tea tree oil, to further aid in combating the irritation. I will be applying only to my scalp and not the length of my hair. I will be applying just the aloe vera to the length.

I use this after I prepoo and wash. I apply to my scalp and hair then put my regular conditioner on top. I leave it on for no less than 20 minutes. Sometimes I leave on for several hours, life gets busy.

I hope this is helpful.

Happy Hair!

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