Birthday Candle Makeover

Hey Guys,

I do like to create things other than clothes and I do love a good makeover. My daughter’s birthdays are a week apart and we just got done celebrating!

One of the little things that I did create or makeover, was the number candles that go on the birthday cakes. Once my girls came along the number candles as is wasn’t doing it for me, I wanted something sparkly to accent their cakes. Now, the ones you pick up at the dollar store aren’t that pretty….perfect thing for a MAKEOVER!


  • Number candles $1
  • Glitter packs (no more than $5 @ Walmart)
  • Mod Podge (I use the gloss kind)
  • Paint brush
  • Q-tips


First, come up with your design. The first couple of candles I made were just one color. This time I did 3 colors for the #3 and 2 colors for the #5.

Second, brush a good bit of mod podge on the candle.

Use the q-tips to clean up outside the number, then sprinkle on the glitter and shake off. Let dry, this takes about 30 minutes.

Third, Touch up and any patchy spots. Dab on mod podge, be careful not to remove your first layer. Sprinkle, shake, dry.

Fourth, Try to clean off glitter around/outside the number. Seal the glitter on candle with a good layer of mod podge (This will dull the sparkle a little). Clean up the edges. Let Dry.

Fifth, run the candle under running water and gently rub off the excess glitter off the white parts. The candle will look cloudy but don’t freak (like I did) it will go away once dry.

Optional, I like to insert a toothpick into the bottom.

There, you are done!

So pretty and sparkly!

Happy Creating!

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