Patterns for Pirates Diy Infinity Scarf with Hidden Pocket

Hey Guys!

I’m sure you have seen and heard about this scarf with the hidden pocket and probably even made a few. I just love this genius idea of putting a secured pocket in a scarf. If you have been following me you know my love of pockets.

It is a free pattern from Patterns for Pirates. You can use pretty much any type of fabric. I’ve been using flannel from Joanns snuggle and luxe. Both fabrics make a soft warm irresistible scarf. For the pockets I used fat quarters and broadcloth.

As you can see from the picture above, the pocket is quite roomy. I’m able to fit my phone and keys in it comfortably. With the ones I’m giving away as gifts I stuffed them with travel size hand sanitizer, lotion, tissues and candy. Some ladies are even adding card slots to the pocket, once again, genius!

Because of the zipper I wasn’t even going to give the scarf the time of day. I suck at zipper applications and try my best to avoid them at all cost.

I really couldn’t think of what to give my kid’s teacher’s for Christmas, so I decided to give it a shot. Everybody was raving about how the pattern is free, the low cost of fabric and it’s super quick to sew….that’s right up my alley.

All you need is 2 yards of fabric a zipper and thread. That’s it! Believe me once you start you won’t be able to stop, lol. I started out with 2….I won’t disclose how many more I have made and plan on making… smh 😞.

Don’t be scared of the zipper, like me. Even kids are making them. Go ahead make one.. You won’t regret it.

*Sorry I’m just getting this post out, it would have been alot more beneficial to post earlier in the Christmas season, I have been super swamped. I hope this helps somebody who has a little time on their hands and some fabric laying around.

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

And have a Happy New Year!

Happy Creating!

2 thoughts on “Patterns for Pirates Diy Infinity Scarf with Hidden Pocket

  1. making my first one…. from flannel. I’d like to incorporate an invisible zipper on the next one. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work. I got here from the link.

    1. Oh! flannel is so snuggly, I want to try minky next. I haven’t tried an invisible yet, that should be fun. Thank you! And thank you for stopping by, leaving a sweet comment ❤

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