No Sew DIY Mask Lanyard

Now that mask wearing have become a necessity. We need to keep them handy. With children we all know too well how often things go missing, masks included. So, I made them little buggers a lanyard, to keep them masks from getting lost when we are bouncing from one place to the other in the car. Of course they are not just for kids, us adults could use them too… we all miss place things.

Let’s make a mask lanyard!


Ribbon 3/8 – 5/8″ wide

Snap kit


Fabric Marker


If you don’t have a snap kit. These snap fasteners should work just as well.

Measure around the wearers neck, finding a comfortable position for the mask to hang, then add 4 inches to the length. I only made these for my children so far and a good length for them is 26″ total, that’s for ages 5-10.

Cut your ribbon to the appropriate length.

Use the lighter to seal both ends.

Mark 2″ from both ends.

Position first snap near the end of the ribbon and snap.

Second snap goes near the 2″ line you marked.

Repeat on the other end.


You’re done!

This project takes no more than 10 minutes! Super quick!

No more lost masks! Well kinda…

Happy Creating!

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