Fluttered Wrap Dress from Patterns for Pirates ***NEW PATTERN***

Just last week Patterns for Pirates debuted their new pattern, the Fluttered Wrap, a true wrap dress. When I say true, I mean it’s not a faux wrap. It has straps that you have to tie around the body in order for it to stay close…hence the “wrap” part.

Faux Wrap

I had the honor of testing the sleeveless narrow flounce, in knee length with flounce, in a black double brushed polyester from Nick of Time.


  • Sleeves: Sleeveless, Short, 3/4, Long and Fluttered
  • Dress lengths: Top, Knee and Maxi
  • Flounces: For the top you have a choice between Wide and Narrow. For the dress it’s just with a regular flounce.

* There are a couple of hacks on the blog too!


  • Beautiful French binding for the sleeveless and along the bodice edges adds a professional finish.

  • All the flounces are unhemmed.

** Also there is a matching Youth Pattern**

Having this pattern is a wonderful addition to any collection. It’s so versatile and hugs in all the right places. If you’re looking for flirty and feminine, this is it right here.

Happy Creating!