Corduroy Brenda’s


I had no idea what I was going to do with the stretch corduroy that a received from Mily Mae Fabrics. When I think of corduroy I think of pants or overalls, ie. Corduroy The Bear. However, this corduroy has some stretch to it, so I thought maybe a top and I have been itching to make Brenda, one of Made for Mermaids latest patterns. It’s a sweater/top depending on the fabric used. What I love of course, are all the options. It comes in Adult, youth and baby!

My girls received the honor of getting Brenda’s first. They looked so adorable in them, so it’s ok…lol.


The corduroy to my surprise worked really well for this pattern. My oldest loved how soft was and she didn’t have any restrictions in movement. It’s a wide knit corduroy that kinda of reminds me of velvet. I could so see this as an elegant dress, as well.

Shirt #1

I choose the options

  • Round neckline
  • Ruffle front hack (on M4M blog)
  • Long sleeves
  • Curved hem


  • Reduced the ruffle from 5 inches to about 3.5
  • Added 1/2 to sleeves (growing girl here)

Shirt #2

(the little one is wearing shirt 2)


  • Round neckline
  • Ruffle sleeve
  • Curved hem


  • None

* For all the hems. I serged them without the knife and hemmed with stretch hem tape.
* If you are hemming the ruffles make sure to add about 1/2 inch.

I can’t wait to make mines! Which options will I choose? Even better question, what fabric?? Hopefully something I don’t have to hem 😉.

Until Next Time

Happy Creating!