From Full Mask to Half Mask


I wanted to get out a quick diy for Halloween.

We ran into an issue a couple days ago with a full mask Spiderman costume for my 3 year old. It was one of the masks that you put completely over the head, she was not having it! She freaked out which is understandable, really who wouldn’t?

I decided to make her a half mask from the existing mask, so she would be more comfortable.

So, here we go!


Full Mask

Half Mask Template



Hot glue gun or fabric glue (I used a glue gun)

String, yarn, or elastic

Pen, marker, or chalk


Trace the mask template onto the felt and cut it out. I used a PJ Mask mask.

Cut the full mask up the back, lay it on the new half mask.

Now start tracing around the half mask, feeling the edges of the half mask as you go (hope that makes since).

Cut the new shape out of the full mask, leaving some extra around the edge.

Start gluing the mask on the felt. Smooth the from the middle out to the edge to get rid of wrinkles as you glue around.

Cutting out the eyes. Pinch the eyes in half and make a snip through all layers. Slowly snip to the corner of the eye. Cut around, cutting the eye hole out.

Trim up the edges of the mask and the inside of the eyes.

Take your string, yarn or elastic and glue on each side of the mask. Make sure to have your child try it on before you glue both sides on 🙄😉.

There, you should be done!

This project took me no more than 30mins to finish, it’s a real quick one.

Happy Halloween 🎃

And, until next time,

Happy Creating!

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