Burn Out Velvet Bodysuit (Simplicity 8513)


Who is ready for fall??? I’m sure not! As much as I complain about the heat, the bugs and allergies, there is just something about the summer season that I just want to hold on to. But I got to get ready for the kids going back to school and the chilly weather. However, I’m starting to enjoy the early fall, like right up until Halloween, after that the weather gets cold and the scenery is blah.

Back to the point. I love fall clothing. Boots, cardigans, sweaters, leggings. This year I want to incorporate some bodysuits. When I got this amazing burn velvet from Mily Mae Fabrics I immediately thought fall/holiday. However nothing came to mind what I wanted to do with. I looked through my patterns and came across a Simplicity bodysuit, the model on the cover had on what it looks like to be velvet or velour. Awesome! And the burnt out details from my fabric will make it a little extra.

Simplicity 8513 comes with alot of options. I went with view C. In a size large. I definitely needed a FBA. I got around it by letting the bust out sewing 1/4 inch seam allowance but clearly a fba is needed.

I lined the large front piece and the 2 back pieces with of the suit with power mesh. Generally with something this fitted I like to be pulled in and smooth, so I wear a body smoother. I have been wanting to try adding the power mesh to fitted garments for a while now but never really was up to it until now.

I cut the pieces from the mesh between 1/4-1/2 inch smaller.

The construction and instructions were easy to follow. I probably would have been a rather quick sew if I didn’t line it with power mesh.

I loved the different options like the bell sleeve, cold shoulder and the mock wrap front.

I do plan on sewing again with a fba in the same view and maybe another view. I also want to give those bell sleeves a try.

(Lets take a moment…Look at how beautiful this velvet is, trying to capture it’s beauty was tough. But I got it after some trial and error.)

It’s a nice pattern that works up quickly. Something you don’t usually get with commercial patterns.

Happy Creating!

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