Girls Cold Shoulder Top

Hey, Hey!

My sewing life has been all over the place lately. I been back from vacation a little over a week now and pior to vacation, I’ve been sewing like a mad woman for it.

Since I have been back, I’ve been working on sewing up some promo fabric from Mily Mae Fabrics. I got the Neon Dotty, a double brushed polyester (which of course my girl’s claimed). They coined it the Minnie Mouse, I can totally see that. I purchased the Girls Cold Shoulder Top from Ellie and Mac on one of their Wack Wednesday sales. I had just enough fabric to make two tops out of a yard and half of fabric.

The pattern comes with sizes 2T-14. I made sizes 3T and 6. Long and short sleeves with a ruffled hem option.

It fit very nicely in the body. I did have problems with the band for the shoulder. The band did not sit well in the opening, it was off. It looked like it was too big and if I made the band tighter the shoulder hole was puckered. Finally, I decided to take them off and hem the opening. I folded the raw edge under around a quarter of an inch and topstitched. Next time I will try and play with the band sizes to see how it looks. My daughter’s love it (especially my oldest), so I’ll be making it again.

Another change I made was the ruffle length. I didn’t have enough fabric to make 2 full ruffled hems. I cut one size 6 and cut it in 4ths, to make a smaller ruffle for the 2 tops.

Overall, I like the top. I like the cold shoulder and the ruffle. The fact that the band doesn’t look right bugs me. I checked the tester photos and they looked good minus a couple which kinda looks like mine but not as bad. Sorry, I should have taken a picture of the top with the band on.

The top did turn out pretty cute without the band and my daughter’s love them and that’s what really matters.

Happy Creating!

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