DIY Paper Bag Skirt~McCalls 7906

I love seeing all the talented seamstresses share their views of the pattern of the month over at Sewyourview on Ig. For the month of March the pattern was McCall’s 7906, a very on trend high waisted skirt. I like to call, the paper bag skirt.

I love the silhouette of this skirt. I instantly knew I wanted to make it and blindly over looked that I would have to sew button holes! I got myself together and put on my JUST DO IT attitude, purchased a denim looking linen (I think) from Joanns and got it done. It actually wasn’t that bad. The button holes are a little wonky but it’s wearable…yay!

I adore the top stitching on the pleats! The back pleat is everything and of course the pockets! The pockets are nice and roomy!

Now, this is something I probably won’t make again because there is alot of work involved here. Also I’m not a huge fan of high waisted garments other than jeans. I am a short torsoed triangle, things get weird in my mid section area when I wear something that sits at or above my waist.

All in all, I love this skirt and I am happy I went out of my comfort zone. It turned out really well.

* I made view A*

If you haven’t already, go check out Sew Your View on Instagram and Facebook!

Happy Creating!

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