I Got Gels!

Can I tell you about how much I love gel nail polish?!

It is the best!

No smell!

Dries fast!

Super shiny!

Lasts more then a couple mins…if done right it’s suppose to last for 2 weeks!

I don’t usually do my fingernails. The fumes are crazy and my husband is allergic. I don’t usually have the time to paint and wait for them to dry. If i do have the time they get chipped and messed up within minutes (I’am a mommy) heartbreaking. But my toes are done year round.

Now that I have two little girls my love to nail paint/art has surfaced big time again. My oldest daughter is 4 and she loves to paint her nails to the point of 50 times a day😩. I got her some water based peelable polish which has really come a long way since I had it as a little girl. I picked some up as a Christmas present at Kmart and just recently ordered some from Amazon when I ordered a new led nail lamp and polish.

Water Based Nail Polish

I’am a huge diyer. If I can do it myself at home and possibly save some $$$, then I’am doing it.

I never really cared for going to the salon and paying money for something I could myself. I haven’t really found anyone who did an amazing job on my nails except for this nail tech couple who used to work for sister at her salon and spa. She later sold her business and the techs moved 😔.

I was not spending $30-50 on my nails every 2 weeks when I could use that $50 to buy everything I needed to do them, I don’t know how many more times.

I started off with Sensationail polish to gel transfer kit. You mix your regular nail polish with gel to get the gel polish. Now that was cool because I loved the colors of polish I had, but again it still had those horrible fumes and it was so hard to take off. I started to pick up gel polish from Sallys and It would take forever for my nails to cure. I checked the led wattage, it was 4.5. I researched and found that a good fast cure you would need about 36 wattage lamp. I found one on Amazon along with some gel polish, great prices!

I think I spent a totally of $60 for the lamp, 18 mini gel polishes, the water based polish, gel base and top coat!

Gellen Pro 36W Nail Dryer LED Lamp

Mini Gel Polish

Gel Base and Top Coat

I also randomly found a starter stamping kit at walmart for $10.

I tried everything this week and it was really fun. I do have to work on my technique with clean up and what not. Practice makes perfect.

Who doesn’t love to have fun and save money?!

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