Circle Skirt Tutorial

Circle Skirts are seriously the best! Mainly because they take no time to sew up. Once you have created your pattern you’ll be cranking these babies out and attaching them to everything! Add one to a bodice to make a cute dress or give a shirt some extra frill.

Today I’m going to show you how I make my circle skirts. Here I’m making one for my 6 year old daughter. You can make one for ANY age, just use the wearers body measurements.

What you will need

  • 1 yard of fabric- more depending on the size your making
  • 1-2 in wide Elastic (the real soft kind)


  • Waist (or wherever you want your skirt to sit on your torso. I prefer a little below the belly button.)
  • Length- start from were you took the waist measurement and measure down the leg to where you want it to hit.

Finding the Radius

The radius is the waist measurement divided by 6.28

I like to add a couple inches to the waist measurement for wiggle room. My daughter’s waist is 22 (added 2in. Now the waist is 24) and I want the skirt a little above the knee, the length is 10.5.

Back to the radius.

24 (waist) / 6.28= 3.82 rounded to 3 ¾ Radius

*There are charts that have the radius already available*

Length Radius

10 ½ + 3 ¾= 14 ¼

Now that I have my measurements let’s make a pattern.

Measure 3 ¾ down from the top of the paper or in my case the corner from one side to the other side, making sure to adjust the top of the ruler with the corner of the paper as you go.

For the length, measure 14 ¼ down from top one side to the other like the waist radius.

Connect your dashes

Write Fold on the straight lines.

Now cut out your new circle skirt pattern! Isn’t it cute?!

Cutting out the Skirt

Fold the fabric selvage to selvage

Fold one end of the fabric to meet the other end, To create a fold.

Lay the pattern on the folds and cut. One side is a single fold and on other the side there are 2 folds.

Mark the waist in quarters, for the waistband.


Grab the elastic for your band and cut the it to the length of the waist without the added inches. Mines is 22.

Sew the two ends together with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Open the seam and sew down the seam allowance on both sides.

Mark the waistband in quarters.

I’m going to use my serger to attach my waistband, this is going to sew the waistband on and finish the waist edge of the skirt at the same time. *turn off the serger knife*

If not using a serger, you can finish the raw edge however you prefer before attaching the elastic waistband and use a zig zag stitch to sew on the waistband.

Pin or clip the elastic waistband to the right side of the skirt, matching the quarter markings.

Start at the one of the quarter marks and stretch the elastic waistband as you sew until you make it back around to the starting point.

(Finished Serged Waist)


I keep the serger knife off to overlock the raw edge. To make hemming a circle skirt easier keep the hem small, I turn the edge up 1/2 inch and straight stitch it down.

You can turn the raw edge up 1/2 inch twice, if not using a serger. Take this in account when measuring your length.

Now that wasn’t so bad, right? I hope I didn’t miss anything.

Now, Go have fun with your new twirly skirt!

Happy Creating!

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