Wrap Shirt DIY McCalls 7817 Pattern Review

Hey Guys,

I must admit I wasn’t even interested in this pattern when I had seen it online but for some reason it caught my eye the store, so I decided to buy.

I ended up making view B but without the collar.

It is described as a loose fitting wrap jacket, to me it’s more like a shirt. I guess it depends on what type of fabric you use.

I cut a size 20, based on my measurements I should have cut a 22. I didn’t want the shirt to be too big on me, there is a good bit of ease in this pattern.

Sorry, I have no idea what the fabric is that I used. It’s a woven, very light, drapery and soft. I got it in the discount section at Joanns. I wish i knew what it is because I want to work with this type of fabric again.

I did make a few changes. No collar. I added an inch to the top part of the sleeve. I like really long sleeves, that probably comes from not being able to buy shirts with sleeves long enough to cover my arms 🙄.

The sleeve is constructed in two parts. The bottom part overlaps to make a slit. The slit is facing outward. I sewed it on wrong with the slit facing inward. I ripped it out and put it on the “right” way. I didn’t like it, I liked it better the other way. So I ripped it out and put it back on with the slit facing inward again. Hope that makes sense.

The facing is annoying, it just wouldn’t lay flat. I decided to put some strips of fusible fabric tape under the facing to attach it to the shirt to get it to lay down and not move.

To finish it off I blind stitched the hem.

I’m not fond of woven shirts but this one was ok, probably because it is a wrap shirt with no buttons or buttons holes to deal with. Woven shirts aren’t that forgiving the way knits are and I love me a good knit shirt.

Maybe I will try this pattern again with a fabric that has some stretch.

Overall I liked it. The sleeves give this wrap shirt something a little more.

This is great for just about any occasion. I see it for date night 🤗.

Happy Creating ❤

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