T-Shirt Towel Turban


I use these t-shirt towel turbans for drying my hair, over a plastic cap for pre poo, conditioning and hot oil treatment.

The t-shirt fabric is less harsh on the hair and creates less frizz then a regular towel. Keeping more moisture in the hair.

One of the best things about these towels is that they are easy and cheap to make. All you need is an old t-shirt and a pair of scissors. First cut the shirt straight across at the armpit


It will look like this. You can throw the top part away or use for something else. The bottom part is what you want to keep.

Now putting it on

Put your head through the hole then pull it back to the hair line


Next take both sides that hang twist it like a figure 8


Keep twisting until you have enough to pull snug over your head




You can also use a cute printed t-shirt or sew one up from knit fabric to make it stylish and wear it outside the house.

I hope that was easy to follow

Happy Hair : )

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