Pinned Do


I wore this cute style to a friends engagement party. I was bored with my hair and it started to frizz in the front. I went searching for some ideas. I came across Babilion Kay Protective Pinned Do on youtube. She has this protective style with 2 ponytails and pinning the hair. I use to wear my hair similiar back in college but I would bun it. This one is cuter and easy as well.

I did do a couple things different. I curled my hair with satin rollers. The back is the same except I did not pin a curl in the middle. The top ponytail was not working right for me. So I swept the front to the side. Pinned my hair down and pinned the curls like the ponytail in the back.

Note: Her hair is way longer than mine. I have medium length hair and it worked out just as great!!!!!

Have fun and make it your own!

Happy Hair : )